Thursday, April 10, 2008

just doing my homework...

Our new lesson is about salary and the monthly cost of living. Our teacher Arina asked us to do some research on the minimum living wage here in Russia. When speaking about pay here in Russia all the numbers are per month and not per year like we are used to in America.

This is what I found online:

According to the Federal law " Regarding the living wage in the Russian Federation " the Government of the Russian Federation decided:

1. To establish a living wage across the Russian Federation for the third quarter of 2007 per capita 3879 rubles($164.81),for able-bodied population - 4197 rubles($178.32), pensioners - 3085 rubles ($131.07), children - 3704 rubles ($157.37).

All the amounts in dollars are based on today's exchange rate which is 23.53 if you want to look I used the website to do the calculations.

And for those of you who would like to read the original article in Russian you can click here!


  1. They live off $165 per month? Is that right? That's more than most people's car payments here! Amazing!

  2. There are some very wealthy people here in our city there is new construction going on and we see BMW's and Hummer's out on the street... but there are also some people who are barely getting by.
    The numbers represent the bare minimum amount that someone could live on in a month and still pay bills and afford to eat.