Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blessed are the flexible, right?!

This saying truly blessed me this week:  "Blessed are the flexible, for they will not get bent out of shape."

Being flexible is a must here in Belize.  We have to be flexible with whether or not the electricity or internet will work today, and we need to flexible with a grocery list and whether or not the store will have the items they had last time, and we must flexible with scheduling and ministry planning...and so on.

The other day I showed up for a meeting with someone.  She and I were just getting back on track after having had a few scheduling problems over the past few weeks.  When I showed up for our appointment she had someone else there with her...waiting for me.  This person was in pain emotionally and she wanted me to talk to her.  I put aside the agenda that I had for our meeting and spent time listening to the other young lady.  And this young woman had enough pain for several lifetimes to weed through.  And yet her story is a common one here in Belize.

Hearing these types of stories bring to mind a passage in Spiritual Moms by Lynn Wilford Scarborough:
In our society of "fatherless children," the focus has been on the need for a father figure in a child's life.  But when you evaluate the number of working moms and the amount of time that children actually spend with their parents, it seems that in truth, we have a "parentless generation."  
There is a great need for spiritual parenting in Belize.  And it is not all about the fathers who have been absent...we must consider the plight of the children who have had to raise themselves.  This is not unique to Belize, and yet, Belize is such a young country that it is sorely affected by this situation.  The country is only 30 years old.  And the majority of people who live here are under the age of 25.   We see children parenting other children in the literal sense of the word and also in the spiritual sense.  

Which means that those of us who are older more mature need to drop our preconceived agendas of how to meet the needs we see around us and be flexible enough to listen to and learn about what the needs truly are.  

I invited this young woman to go to Bible study with me.  I told her that her clothes would not matter and that she would be welcomed by our group no matter what.  And our ladies did not disappoint on that promise.  She felt loved.  She felt like she was finally in the company of women who were not pretending to be holy or perfect but were real and authentic.  She felt accepted and "a part of".  She didn't say more than a few words at the meeting but she talked my ear off on the drive home.  And I was grateful.

Blessed are the flexible indeed...for choosing not to get bent out of shape in this situation showed me more about Him and set me more firmly on His path.  I know that I might not get it right every time, but I am willing to keep learning and to keep listening to the women that I cross paths with and to the One who places them that He will be glorified...and we all grow up in Him.

So are you ready to be blessed or are you feeling bent out of shape by life?


  1. Alida, this is so powerful, so true. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I thought this was beautiful as well. Inspiring.

  2. Amazing word! This is so true and beautifully written.

  3. I really need to hear this. I have not been flexible and I feel like I am about to break.

  4. You'll live a lot longer too! sandie

  5. spiritual parenting...i love that. i want to be blessed always!

  6. Anonymous8:58 PM

    The Spirit is willing but the "body" is not flexible ....any more....wink wink

  7. Blessings.....
    Like a willow tree we must be in order to survive life challenges. We cannot always predict what comes however we can embrace flexibility so that we are able to go with the flow.....


  8. I needed to read this today. What a precious story!