Monday, April 30, 2012

the gift of connections...

After counseling class on Saturday we drove up to Belize City to attend the last part of a meeting about the 12 steps.  We were able to sit in on the final session of the day and then make some contacts afterward.  We are grateful that we met some new people and are looking forward to the possibility of starting AA and Al-Anon groups here in Belmopan.

Gifts of connection:
701. Attending the meeting with others who are also interested in starting a 12 step group.
702. Connecting with some people from Belmopan.
703. Picking up some literature to help us get started.
704. Seeing the enthusiasm of the attendees.

705. Going into the historic St John's Cathedral for the meeting.

706.  The warmth and beauty of this old Anglican church.

707. The crosses at the end of the pews.

708. After the meeting Tom and I grabbed a bite to eat before the hour long drive back to Belmopan.  Here is the view from our parking space at Birds Isle Restaurant.

Gifts from the week:
708.  Jadine sending me a piece of gluten free chocolate cake!
709.  Thursday prayer times at CDF.
710.  Leading the Ladies' Bible study meeting on Wednesday.
711.  the blessing of being flexible.
712.  seeing couples who are willing to work to save their marriage.
713.  chatting with Nathan via Facebook.
714.  joining the world of Tumblr.
715.  spending time with Spencer.
716.  taking walks with Tom.

Gifts found during my time in the Word:
717.  He is a just ruler and guide Psalm 67:4
718.  He is a refuge and a stronghold Psalm 9:9
719.  He will never forsake those who seek Him Psalm 9:10
720.  He gives power and strength to His people Psalm 68:35
721.  He is with us no matter where we go Joshua 1:9

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    What a beautiful church! I love your gifts found in His word. Blessings!

  2. What an amazing view!!! and lovely thankful list.

  3. Blessings on your new possibility. What a lovely location to go and learn more. Gluten free here as well. . . yum for chocolate cake you can enjoy!

  4. Alida,

    I like how you listed gifts from the Word. Very cool, and something I haven't really thought to do as a section before. The GF cake sounds delish! And what a great church and scenery. I rejoice with you for these good things He has given you and yours.


  5. What a great way to opportunity to share such a powerful program!! The picture of the sunset is just gorgeous...God is amazing no matter how you look at Him!!

  6. Sharing in your blessings! And will be rejoicing along with you for all the good things to come!

  7. What a beautiful view! I used to go to Adult Child meetings a long time ago. One of things I cherished about them was the sense of connection, even with people you didn't know.