Friday, April 13, 2012

Tune In!

If you are looking for us on Saturday this is where we will be! 

Tom is one of the speakers for this one day event sponsored by CDF to train Youth Pastors and Youth Workers.   Please pray for those who will attend and for all of the people who are working to make this event a success.  And for all who take part in the seminar to come away feeling more equipped to handle emergency situations with their youth.

If you are here in Belize and work with youth come on out and join us!


  1. It sounds very good, I hope the attendance is good also. Too far away from Oz for me..
    May everyone listen and learn well how to help others.

  2. Awesome! Saying a prayer now.

  3. Oh wow..will keep you and the team in our prayers for sure!!

  4. How did your training day go? One of my favorite topics.

  5. Hope your seminar went well!