Monday, April 02, 2012

Counting Palm Sunday Blessings...

Yesterday was such a great day for about you?

It is after midnight and I am trying to write this and still get to bed early enough to get some sleep before we leave for Mexico in the morning.  Last year we learned that Belize shuts down for Holy Week.  Businesses close down, school is out for the next two weeks, and this is the time when people travel to see family or just to take a break.  Our office is closed this week so we have time to take a day trip across the border to pick up a few things that we need at Walmart and even see a movie.  

As I continue to count the gifts that God graces our lives with...I have these to add:

Palm Sunday Blessings
601.  A full house at church...all the seats were taken and some had to sit on tables at the back.
602.  Pastor Dan preached a great message on prayer from Colossians 1:9-14

603.   lack of electricity cannot stop His message from going forward.  It is fairly common for the electricity to go out for a while here.  So Pastor Dan just kept on speaking and when the worship team came back up the keyboard player just switched to the piano.  Such is life in the jungle!

604.  After the service we attended a baptism...and that was truly the highlight of the day.
605.  the rain stopped and the sun came out just in time...

606.  scripture read aloud...poolside.

607.  hearing Mary's confession of faith in Spanish...

608.  Phillip and Maritza, husband and wife, performing the baptism together.

609.  the joy on her face when it is over!

610.  meeting Johnny and Jill's family pet, Brownie, a coatimundi.
and gifts from our daily life:
611.  texting with Spencer and Nathan
612.  the prayers of caring friends when I am laid low with the pain of fibromyalgia
613.  rain that brings cool breezes
614.  working with Tom in the counseling office
615.  seeing the bravery of those who run from domestic violence
616.  sitting with those who need to see Christ with skin on
617.  Tom's artwork filling our home
618.  Harley keeping our house safe
619.  finding popcorn in the stores again
620.  fresh cut watermelon
621.  the smell of ripe pineapples
 and gifts found in the word:

622.  His spirit lives within us 1Corinthians 3:16
623.  He meets all of our needs  Philippians 4:19
625.  His sacrifice and provision for us  Romans 8:32
626.  His help in temptation Hebrews 2:18
627.  He provides rest for the weary and burdened  Matthew 11:28-30
628.  He makes the impossible possible Luke 18:27

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I am sure this Baptism was a special time. The photos speak by themselves, full of wonderful emotions.
    Have a peaceful and beautiful Holy week dear. Take care.

  2. So special...thanks for letting us enjoy it too :)

  3. i love the baptism pictures...they both look absolutely happy as we should all be once we found the Lord!

  4. I so enjoy your encouraging post. The baptism pic is AWESOME!

  5. That coatimundi is quite unusual and cute! I think my doggie would love to have Brownie as a buddy! Hope you are well and enjoyed your trip across the border:D

  6. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Love, love, love the photos! We just had a baptism at our church and I was, once again, stunned at the glory of God.