Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cat In the Hat!

After we finished our language time with Lena it was her turn for a lesson with Nathan. He chose the book Cat in the Hat. Lena read it in English and did a great job. She would read a page and then Nathan translated the book into Russian. So it was a learning time for both of them. Lena took the book home so that she could write down the new words and then look them up in the dictionary. Everyone told her how great she had done when she finished. We are so proud of her for reading the whole thing even though she said she might not know all the words. She did it anyway and that is what matters!

Spencer and Nathan both have a review to do for Lessons 46-50 and Tom and I have old lessons to go over. Although Tom and I have both studied in other classes to Lesson 50 we are both choosing to step back and redo some grammar that we missed. I am going back to 34 and Tom will be somewhere around there too. We have heard it is very common for people to repeat the genitive case. Neither one of us feels bad about it. We are commited to this country and this language. So we desire to do it with excellence and not with haste!

I am still hobbling around the house. I wanted to bake a cake but I knew that I shouldn't stand up that long to do it. So I talked Spencer through it. His devil's food cake is cooling in the kitchen. We decided it was his practice cake before he makes my birthday cake! Thanks to some generous people from Andover, Kansas we have several boxes of cake mix for him to practise with. He is a very good cook and the cake smells wonderful!

Tom is making some new jewelry for the store near us. He has made some Russian flags out of safety pins and beads. They are cute.

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