Friday, May 19, 2006


Late Wednesday night Tom started having spasms in his back that were excruciatingly painful. I called our friend Kathy the nurse and she suggested calling an ambulance. I called the director of our school Tania and she called the ambulance for us and came over herself to help translate if needed.

Well, the ambulance arrived before she did. So I told the paramedic what was going on. He thought it was Tom's kidney stones and that we should see a doctor in the morning. He gave Tom an anti- spasmodic and suggested a warm shower. Tom was still not feeling well when Tania got here so she suggested going to the hospital. She made a phone call at about 1 am and made arrangements for Tom to be seen at the Diagnostic Center. We went over there and Tom had labwork, xrays and an ultrasound. The labwork was back in about 15 minutes. Everything looked normal. His kidney stones are deep in the kidneys and very small so they were not the problem either. The doctor thought it might be a pinched nerve. Tom had a shot of pain medication and was sent home. We are supposed to go and see a neurologist but haven't been able to get back over the Diagnostic Center yet. Yesterday Tom slept for 13 hours. I didn't have the heart to wake him after all he had been through.

Today we are waiting for a call to see if we can get in to see the neurologist. Otherwise we will be going Monday.

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