Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Russian Scrabble anyone?

We found a new game at MosMart. (Our country's version of a Walmart) The characters on the Scrabble tiles are Russian. We don't have a big Russian vocabulary so towards the end we had to take out the dictionary to use up all the tiles.

Lena helped us while she was here. She said it would be a hard a game for Russians to play. We told her it was a hard game in English too! Nathan was looking for our Englsih version so that he could take it to the English class that he teaches. If you are a stickler for rules you would not have enjoyed playing with us. After all, this was a game Tom and I decided was for learning. No points and no board needed. If you speak Russian or can read the characters you will see mistakes. The letters we had leftover were two soft signs, a hard sign and an 'e kratkaya'. The soft sign softens the letter it follows and the hard sign functions like a stop sign in between letters. The 'e kratkaya' makes a sound like the 'y' at the beginning of the word yogurt.

We didn't play to win. We actually helped each other with words. Nathan helped me and Spencer helped Tom. We picked up a few new words from the dictionary and the boys were able to help us with some case endings that they have learned.

Tom and I realised today that we have been studying Russian for a full year with no break. We started working with Lena a year ago this month. We even worked with her over the Christmas vacation. So we have literally studied for a solid year. We are all looking forward to July. We are grateful for how much we have learned this past year. Last year we could say hello, goodbye and please. This year we are playing Scrabble.

Maybe when you come and visit we will let you play with us! Posted by Picasa

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  1. This is going to sound weird, but I've been looking for a Russian scrabble set for years now. I want the tiles to make jewelry out of. The closest I've come to finding one in the U.S. was on eBay and I got outbid by .50 cents. :(