Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eurovision 2006

I watched my first Eurovision Talent show. It is the "grandfather of all talent shows". Last night was the 51st competition. Countries from all over Europe vote for the winner.

Last night's winner was Finland. The group is called Lordi and they are a rock group.

Personally I liked the group from Israel. They were the most talented. The group from Lithuania sang a song one of them must have written. It was "We are the winners of Eurovision". They had a guy who looked like Drew Carey do a dance to a violin solo! The contest is very splashy... all the singers or groups had back up singers and/or dancers. The choreography was interesting. The guy from Russia came in second. He had ballet dancers backing him up and a girl who came out of the piano and spilled rose petals over the stage. Most of the songs were in English... except the woman from France sang in French and the Croatian group sang in Croatian. Germany's group was called Texas Lighting and they did a country song. I thought it was interesting that the Romanian contestant sang in English and Italian. You can read about each of the countries that particpated at the website for the contest.

There have been groups that rocketed to fame after this competition. ABBA, Olivia Newton John and Celine Dion are the most succesful. Olivia Newton John actually lost to ABBA.

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