Sunday, May 14, 2006

shopping with Spencer

Spencer decided he needed new clothes today. So we went shopping. He has two new pairs of jeans and 5 new shirts. Hopefully, he won't need clothes for a while. He was actually easy to shop with. I didn't expect him to want to shop with his parents. But, we did great today. I guess all of us are growing up!

Our friends who are expecting a baby need prayer. She is in the hospital again and she asked for prayer that she would not deliver early.

Yesterday was Phillippe's concert. I went with his family and Sonja. I listened to a mix of Russian, German and English in the car. The highlight of the day was listening to Manuel sing in the car. He was singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children". He did fine for a while...

Jesus loves the little children
all the children of the world
blah blah blah black and white
an impression in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world!

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