Friday, May 26, 2006

Vova's Birthday!

Tomorrow is Vova's birthday. I went shopping with Olya and Lena. Ira was not interested in looking at men's shirts. She took my hand and dragged me through the mall to find babies.

Every time we saw a baby in a stroller or someone her age walking she got excited. Olya says we need a special translator to know exactly what Ira is saying. Some of her words are clear but not all! She is 1 year and 8 months old. She walks great and went for about three hours before she needed to go potty. As we were walking to the marshutka Olya told us that Ira was not wearing pampers! I was especially concerned while Ira was sitting on my lap. She did great though. I didn't need to worry.

On our way home we got on the same marshutka we had arrived there in. It was the same driver and everything. We got about 15 miles from the city and the van broke down. He was trying to get us to a neighborhood but the van just couldn't go any farther. Olya and I walked for about five minutes since we were not far from her mother's house. She is pregnant, due in August, and she decided she couldn't make it any farther.

We hailed a car.

An older couple stopped and drove us about 2 miles. It was wonderful to ride and not have to walk it! We walked another half mile to Olya's mother's house and she drove us home. What a day for neither one of us to have our cell phones! Her mother fussed at us for not calling. I had forgotten mine and Vova had Olya's. We were on a highway and cars were coming by very fast. I didn't feel as if we were facing any danger. It was another adventure to add to my list.

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