Friday, May 05, 2006

here, there and everywhere!

John P is here. On the way to the airport to pick up John we realised that we didn't know what he looked like! Mike drove for us since he has a van and he asked if John knew what we looked like... I said that if he has been to our website he may at least recognise me! So we stood off to the side waiting to see who came off the plane looking American. You know very tired from 15-20 or so hours of travel!

After talking for several hours to get to know each other we finally let John get to sleep around midnight our time that is about 3 in the afternoon in Kansas. This morning Tom and John are on their way to Axterka. Natasha is translating and Alexei P. is with them to answer questions and show them around the rehab center.

Nathan, Spencer and I will be going to Lena M's wedding. It will be a long day for everyone.

Thanks so much to everyone from Hope Community Church who sent magazines, beads, pop tarts, cake mix, antibacterial soap, Nathan's video game and Spencer's comic books. We truly felt loved and cared for!

And to the "Over What Hill" gang we love our new washing machine!

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