Saturday, May 20, 2006

take my picture!

Yesterday was our final time at the orphanage for the school year. We will start up again in the fall. The kids really loved seeing pictures of themselves in the powerpoint presentation that Bill and Judi put together. I decided to take my camera and photograph our final time and the kids stood in line to get their photo taken. Perhaps they are hoping to be seen in next year's slide show!

For our craft time we used an idea from Ann T. in Orange County. She sent us some greeting cards made by her students. We took in some old magazines donated by people in Kansas and some of the card stock donated to us (from several sources) and the kids had a blast! The teachers there enjoyed looking at the magazines. Magazines are a luxury item here.

Kathy and Mike handed out goodie bags to all the kids. They each got an orange, candy, and some little goodies like pens, markers and such!

A team of college students joined us and they donated some games to the kids. They were given several bats and balls. It was such a fun time.

It is not the easiest location to get to for those of us who live on the other side of town. It takes two buses and then a two block walk. But it is worth it in the end!

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