Wednesday, May 17, 2006

visiting the hospital

Lena and I went up to the hospital to see Sveta. She has been experiencing early contractions and was concerned about the baby coming too soon. I got a text message from her on Monday and she seemed very concerned but after being on medication for three days she was more peaceful than I have ever seen her! Hopefully, she will remember that we were there.

The interesting thing about visiting someone in the hospital here is that each time I have been over there they have not let us go up to see the patient. They send the patient down to see us. Sveta was allowed to walk through the park with us and then sit and chat for about an hour. During this time we saw several VERY pregnant women walking around outside. They can go across the street to the market to get food or have a smoke. Actually, I just assumed they were patients because they had on pajamas and bathrobes... but one never knows!

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