Wednesday, May 31, 2006

End of school

Judi and I started a new lesson today and we get a new teacher on Monday. We have about two weeks left for our class because Judi's family will be leaving around the 17th of June. I have a Women's Retreat to go to and then I will be off to Rome.

Tom's class will finish out this week and then they will be done. Three of the students leave next week.

Spencer is going until the teachers stop teaching and Nathan... one never knows what his choice will be. I think he will go as long as he has to!

We are praying about Spencer's school attendance next year. He has highschool to finish so he may choose to go to language school part time and focus on his last two years of highschool. He gets live language everyday and he and Nathan both speak very well.

Today's sighting:
there was a group of children playing down on the playground in front of our apartment. One boy had the ball and about 6 or 7 kids were doing back bends in a line forming a tunnel and he was rolling the ball underneath them.

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