Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Off to buy tickets!

Spencer and I are going down to purchase tickets for his trip to Moscow. He is almost 16 and this is his birthday present.

He came home dancing because they starting learning instrumental case today. He was singing about being half way through the course. Nathan joined in Spencer's dance and then it came to an abrupt end when I said that them finishing school meant they would be going back to America soon. Nathan said I was not nice! Both of them are enjoying ife here and are hoping to come back here after college.

I am grateful that we have our entire family here right now. I think it has made our adjustment to life here easier and has bonded us together as a family. It will be hard to see them go when the time comes. Although they both need to follow whatever course God has laid out for them.

Hopefully, Spencer and I will have no problems purchasing tickets... if so it will be an interesting cultural experience to write about.

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