Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tom is Ironing!

Today we were helping Lena and Dima decorate the church for their wedding. There are times when you cannot just give money and say "Good Luck". You actually need to pitch in and help out. Today was that day! Posted by Picasa

We spent about an hour waiting for Lean and Dima to get to the church. It is not considered rude in Russia to be late. And it is expected that you will wait at least an hour or more. Transportation is a major issue here so you cannot expect everyone to be on time. We had to cut the material for the curtains and then iron it. We used used pins and ribbon to hold everything up.

There will be roses in a vase in the center and there will be a candle on each side of the vase.

The last three weddings at church have been burgandy and white. The girls share the materials with each other but everything is put together is unique ways according to the bride's personality.

Tomorrow they will finish up the other six windows!

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