Thursday, May 25, 2006


Tom finally saw the neurologist today. And she said that things looked pretty good. She recommended that he see the gastroenterologist. He will go in for that next week as well as to see the urologist again.

Natasha came with us to translate but we are finding that we are understanding more each time we go. Many medical terms have a latin base so they sound familiar to our ears.

When Jim H. spoke at church on Sunday, Natasha translated for him. He gave an illustration about the details on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Natasha was confused for a bit because she was thinking of St. Peter's Basilica. Tom suggested that we show her a book I brought back from the Chapel last summer. She was amazed at the paintings and remembered that she had studied about Michangelo back in 6th grade. She said she was too young to appreciate it. I said that was how I felt when I was in Rome last summer. I had heard about the artists whose work I ws seeing. But, school textbooks pale in comparison to the real thing. Here is a link in case you aren't familiar with the paintings there:

We could have seen all the other doctors today but Natasha needed to get back to work. They are translating another book for publication at the BLTC.

Tom is doing well, he is out of pain, his blood pressure is coming down and the doctor was pleased with his progress.

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