Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Skipping school

Tuesday, September 4,2007

Tom and I went over to the school today to give gifts to the teachers that we had purchased in America. They were so excited over each gift we gave them. After spending time visiting with them Tom wanted to go shopping.

Tanya, the director gave me permission to skip school and spend time with Tom. We were able to get curtain rods so that Tom can get our curtains hung.

That was all Tom was able to do today.

One shopping trip wore him out! It is not easy here… in America we hop in a car and go wherever we want to go. We look for the closest parking space in front of the store.

Here we have to walk to the closest bus stop or phone a taxi. Going shopping is a major ordeal. Once we finish shopping, we have to decide on the best way to get the items home. Sometimes we take a taxi if we have a lot of bags. Today we came home on a marshutka, a public van that holds about 12 passengers. Tom placed the curtain rods in the aisle and we are grateful that he didn’t hit anyone on the head as we got off at our stop!

*** the hot water only lasted the weekend... we are back to cold water again!!!


  1. Man! And I HATE shopping here! I will appreciate Wal-Mart and it's one stop shopping even more now! Thanks for the perspective.

    Sorry about the hot water ordeal. Not a fun homecoming for Tom.

  2. Glad you have TOm with you now, the last few weeks have not been easy for you, He must be tired after all that shopping it sounds like a whole new experience over there. I get really nervous on public transport I worry I'll not be able to get off when I need to, but the kids love it.

    Hope you get your water sorted out soon,

    Have a good week!

  3. I am so glad Tom is there with you now.