Thursday, May 12, 2011

Leave the Phone Alone!

I had to take a photo when we saw this sign on a car window at the Agricultural show.. and tonight I found an article online that explains more about the activist and the program.

Belize City, April 12, 2011

Since March 3rd 2011, John Brackett could be seen protesting the use of cell phones while driving in school zones.
In an interview with the BELIZE TIMES, he stated that he would be satisfied for now if the banning of cell phone use in school zones was passed.
Brackett, who belongs to the Citizens for Safety organization, believes that cell phones are too much of a distraction in these areas, where there is a great chance of an accident.
He has been campaigning for the last 5 weeks and intends to push the agenda as far as he is able to. He hopes to gain the interest of Government Ministers, councilors and everyone, in order for this law to be passed. He believes this is a serious issue and will not stop until it is addressed.
When asked why he decided to do this protest, his said he has made observations over the years, and the texting and talking on cell phones while driving has increased all over the country, placing not only the person doing it but everyone around him/her in danger.
Citizens for Safety hopes to garner the support of the Belizean public in this fight for safety in our school zones.


  1. i've been trying real hard to leave the phone alone while in the car...i would hate to think something happened to me because i had to check my emails...they can wait. Good article...i guess it's a problem all around the world now...

  2. It is a problem! My oldest daughter snaps at me if I even look at my phone in the car... it drives me crazy, BUT... the phone so easily sucks you and driving is just not the place for it. Blessings :)

  3. The "No talking or texting on the phone while operating a vehicle" law started here in Delaware January this year. They allow the use of a bluetooth headset to answer calls, but not anything else. I'm not sure if it actually helps deter people from doing it, but hopefully it will at least make them think.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  4. Interesting especially since Georgia just passed the no texting while driving law. The fine is crazy! A lot of states have hands-free laws where you can't hold a phone and you must use a hands free device. So far, Georgia hasn't implemented that. It appears that most of our cell phone related accidents occur while texting. I would have never thought that other countries maybe having the same issues. Great info.

  5. Hi!

    Very interesting - I'm in Canada and they recently made a law in Ontario against driving and using cellphones...even with this law in place many people are still going against it!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!