Friday, May 13, 2011

Nathan is coming!!

Nathan arrives tomorrow and we are so excited... it will be his first trip here to Belize.  We are counting the hours until we pick him up at the airport!

My birthday is Sunday and having him here to celebrate with us will be quite a treat.  The only thing that would be more perfect would be for Spencer to be with us too.  

I am speaking this Sunday at church.  And my talk is based on a hymn I grew up with called Take Time To Be Holy.  Basically it is a teaching on how to study the Bible, and how it takes time to mature in your relationship with Christ.  I am not a preacher so I won't be preaching... just teaching from things I have learned personally about how to grow spiritually.  

So this weekend will be exciting; Nathan will be here, along with celebrating my 48th birthday and my first time speaking at our little church!


  1. Such an exciting weekend for you. Fabulous! I've finally made it over and I'm following. Remember me from UBP11?! Have a wonderfully happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday.


  3. Have a great birthday and specials moments of creating cherished memories.
    I will pray for you to be blessed by your opportunity to speak at church.

  4. Caron = oldqueen44

  5. Thank you! He is here and we are truly enjoying him!!

  6. Lots happening for you, so enjoy and have a great B'day.

    Lisa xx

  7. Hey there! So glad to have found you. Fund to poke around your site tonight and see a bit of your world. Loved looking at life in Belize, from here in Thailand!

    Love from here, and happy birthday!!

    Laura Parker