Monday, May 02, 2011

What a weekend!

We had a storm come through here on Thursday that knocked out our cable and our internet connection.  It was a short but powerful storm filled with thunder and lightening and a heavy rain.  There were even reports of hail in part of the country.

We didn't hear any reports of damage anywhere like in the US and we are most grateful for that.  And our prayers are still with those who lost loved ones and suffered any ill effects from all of those storms in the States.

Before the start of the Royal Wedding the cable was restored... Belize being a former British colony there were many here who wanted to see the wedding and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Governor General of Belize and his wife among the guests.  And by the close of business on Friday our internet was back up and running after a few trips to Belize Telemedia and the purchase of a new modem.  Like many of our neighbors our modem was blown out by the storm.

On Saturday we went over to the show grounds for the annual Agriculture and Trade Show.  It was much more than we expected it to be; we were both thinking rodeo or maybe a carnival.  But it was all of that and more... like the state fairs we attended in California or Kansas.  Complete with a concert stage and booths from different organizations and businesses promoting awareness for their product or causes.  

The crowd was a little overwhelming... it seemed as if the entire country was here!

Tom checking out the Harley display was a highlight!

At the United Kingdom booth you could get a bite to eat and enjoy a replay of the Royal wedding!

I will post more pictures during the week... it was a great cultural experience and we are so glad that we took the time to brave the heat and enjoy it!


  1. Look at all those flowers!! ...
    I mean, look at that Harley! lol.

  2. Love the picture of Tom and the Harley.

    And those orchids ... love the ones in the coconut shells.

  3. The orchids were gorgeous!

    I had planned to go back and buy an orchid after we had seen everything... but at least I know where the nursery is now and can go there and pick one out!

  4. I'm glad you fared well through the storm! Looks like you had a great weekend and the flowers are indeed gorgeous! Happy, blessed week :)

  5. Great photos Alida! I'm thankful that the storm wasn't more severe and the damage was minimal there. :-)

    Thank you once again for bringing us a view of the local culture there!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. hi alida. thank you for praying for my dad.

    your first and second photos in this post looked very much like the philippines.

  7. Oh wow, there's more. beautiful i love it

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the pictures. Where you live is absolutely beautiful!!