Friday, February 24, 2012

Just another day in the office...

A 10 year old refugee hung out in the building today. 

He was thrilled to find the play therapy toys in our office and overjoyed to be allowed the chance to play.

He wrote good to go with the happy face he drew...

and bad to go with this face...

He even treated us to a puppet show!

and he packed it all up and put it away begrudgingly when his mother came for him.

We don't know if we will see him again...but he reminded us of the scope and magnitude of the problems in some of the countries that neighbor Belize.  We have heard stories of children being raped and killed and stories of mothers escaping countries like El Salvador and Guatemala with their only remaining child.  

We pray that they will hear God speak comfort to their hearts with words like these:
I will not abandon you as orphans-- I will come to you.
John 14:18

And we pray for all of the individuals and families here seeking refugee status due to violence in their home country.  We pray that all of the shelters here will be a haven of safety.  And that all of the refugee children in Belize get a chance to play with as much abandon and freedom as this child did today. 


  1. What a wonderful opportunity to touch the lives of others.

  2. You guy are doing such amazing work in Belize...I know God will continue to bless you to continue the work!

  3. Blessings....

  4. Bless you, Alida, and your husband for the work you're doing in Belize, and for how you touch our lives through your writing.

  5. how bittersweet - but what a blessed moment to be able to be there, in those precious moments, with that precious little life. Amazing.

    Also, I am passing an Award on to you today! It's called One Lovely Blog Award - and I don't know if it was meant to be about the design of a blog, but I am choosing to make it about those bloggers who pass a little love into the world. Or, as in your and Tom's case - the perfect love of Christ. God Bless and Keep you both in your continued faithful service.

  6. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Amazing the lives the LORD touches through willing vessels...seeds planted in a heart that HE will nurture and bring to fruition...Bless you and your family

  7. Thank you for continuing to write about and bring attention to this cause. Even more, to be a part of helping to find a solution and educate others. God bless... I will be praying for you!

  8. Amen and amen! Working with children with children gets depressing but days like this when they have such huge smiles on their faces from their hearts warms your soul and makes it all worth it. God bless you