Sunday, February 05, 2006

ковчег севодня!

We went to Kovchek Baptist Church today. It was a traditional Russian Baptist Church. Much like the one we were at in Ukraine. We decided to visit because Lena grew up Baptist and she wanted to see how the services are conducted here. It was communion Sunday today.

They sang every verse of every hymn!

Fortunately only two pastors spoke today. Traditionally there would be three. But, since we had communion they only had two.

We got to see Vika and Arina at church today. Vika works in the Preschool at the Language School. And Arina is a teacher. They both sang in the choir at Kovchek. Vika sang a solo and it was beautiful!

Natasha came over and greeted me with kisses. That is also traditional in the Baptist churches here. Women kiss women and men kiss men. Most people were kissing on the mouth.

Natasha was looking forward to us coming. She is Bill and Judi's nanny. And we were able to let her know we were planning a visit when we were with them on Friday. Natasha's father is one of the pastors at Kovchek.

At the end of February we will visit Befania Church. (Bethany Church) It is a charasmatic church and we have heard great things about the music over there. I have a few of the CD's from their worship team and they are fantastic. If they were singing in English you would think it was our church back home in Capo Beach!

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