Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia

Spencer and I took the Narnia movie over to Bill & Judi's to watch it with them. Bill was in Moscow so we just spent the afternoon with Judi and the kids. Judi got the chance to be a translator during the movie. The movie was in English but not American English. The little kids were having a hard time understanding the British actors accents. So they kept asking "what did he say?" "what did she say?" At one point Michael (four years old) looked up at his mom and said "is this english?"

Judi got a call from Jim C. after the movie was over. He needed to stop by for a minute. Judi told him to come on over but also warned him that the kids were all out playing in the snow. The kids go from ages 4-15. Jim came over prepared... he showed up with snowballs already made and nailed Spencer (15) and Andrew (12) as he came around the corner! They kids came in laughing and soaking wet.... Andrew said Jim put snow down his clothes. I am thinking the biggest kid out there was Jim!

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