Friday, February 03, 2006

Domino Game That Would Not End

Tonight was the first night that Spencer and I worked together at the Orphanage. It went great. Judy had planned a craft where the kids were making dragonflies. And it had a package of gum for the body. The boys all wanted to do the craft to get the gum! Many of the kids were very creative.... this is unusual for Russian children. Judy told them to color the dragonfly their favorite colors. And there was a wide range of crayons to choose from. One boy figured out that he didn't have to color inside the lines because all the pieces had to be cut out. I thought that was very clever. There was only one other child who did the same thing and it was also a boy.

It was enjoyable talking with the children. They all asked if their finished products were beautiful. Don't we all need to be affirmed?!

After being at the Orphanage we all went to Bill and Judy's house for dinner and dominoes. One of the pizzas they ordered had mayonaise, cucumbers and tomatoes on it. It is not a traditional Russian pizza. We said it was strange for American pizza to be made that way. Natasha, their nanny, said it was strange for Russia too!

We played four games of dominos. The person to the right of the dealer won three consecutive times! The final game we played took a looong time to complete. The rule is if you forget to tap your domino to signal that you have only one left then you have to draw again. Well, I think it happened to Judy 3 times and then to Bill and me two times and to Mike once. Finally, Andrew, who had been giving Kathy a hard time all night WON the game!

Before we ate dinner I had asked everyone to pray for Nathan. He has his youth group meeting on Friday nights and he had decided that he wanted to pray tonight at the beginning of the meeting in Russian. Lesson 28 is on prayer. We have been learning all week how to pray in Russian. Lena had Nathan write out his prayer to be prepared ahead of time. He said it went very well. Nathan speaks Russian very well and very fast. I am not suprised that he is the first one of us to pray in Russian in public!

Tom had a night all to himself. I sent him a text message to let him know where Spencer and I were. He wrote me back saying that he had just gotten up from a nap and was getting ready to eat dinner! It was after 8PM then.


If anyone is interested in having their child correspond with a child here please send the letters to us. I will take them to the orphanage and have the children write back. Some of them are learning English and it would be good practice to have them write letters! We hope to find many participants. Please spread the word! This is a transitional house so the kids come and go. Their ages go all the way to 17.

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