Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What would you say?

Today we were talking about Groundhog's Day.
I finally found the Russian word!
сурок лесной североамериканский
surok lesnoy severo-amerikanski

We got on this topic because tomorrow is Janet's birthday. Feb 2, Groundhog's Day. It is also Debbie H.'s birthday in California. Happy Birthday ladies! GP, I hope you do something nice for your mom!

Tom went to school today and didn't look good. Three people tried to send him home. First Madina, then Kathy and then Ann. Madina- the teacher, Kathy- the nurse and Ann- the mom. But, noone was successful! He stuck it out for the day.
I shared our recent shipment of green chiles with the Texans. They all got excited. I even gave one to Janet. Evidently they like spicy food in Kentucky too!

My text messaging feature on my phone was not working. I took my phone over to the store and asked why. The gal over there had me change my phone language to Russian and then still needed my help finding where something was located on my phone. Oy! Talk about a language lesson. I should have taken notes because when I tried to show it to Nathan I couldn't because by then I had already changed the language back to English. Anyway it works again... so if you have my cell number I can recieve text messages now!

Tom's new lesson is on furniture and the rest of us are learning to pray. We are going to be assessed in a few weeks. So there is a chance classes will change again. I am not sure. Two of the classes are on the same lesson. Only one is a few lessons behind. We have a written test to take and then will have a verbal interview. It should be interesting to see the results!

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