Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Food for a gift?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since we come from Kansas we happen to love Sunflowers... however if you mentioned wanting some as a gift Russians will laugh at you. Sunflowers are food. Why would you ask for someone to buy you some food for Valentines Day or for your birthday?

Today we watched home movies of the boys with Lena. She actually understood some of the English. She enjoyed seeing the boys when they were little (my-len-kee) She was not having the best Valentine's Day. Her Valentine is in Moscow teaching at a Seminar.

Tom took jewelry to school yesterday and again today. He sold quite a bit. Someone bought bracelets to give to the teachers.

Some of the women picked out what they wanted and then their husbands had to ask "what did I give you?" Just like in America...

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