Monday, February 06, 2006

New teachers!

Once again Spencer and I have Madina as our teacher! We are pretty happy about it. Madina is a very thorough teacher and gives great handouts. Today she gave us a model for prayer that she made up. She assigned us each a day to pray. Spencer is praying tomorrow, me on Wednesday and Michelle on Thursday and Janet next Monday. Bill is in Moscow. I think he had to go to the doctor. He was having some ringing in his ears.

Nathan has Arina and he is excited. I really enjoyed having her. She is trying to increase her English skills and will ask how to say or spell things when she needs the answers. Tom has Goar. Goar will challenge your Russian vocabulary and in my opinion she helps you actually learn to ask questions in Russian. Her English is not as good so if you ask in Russian she really understands how to help you. She is also an excellent teacher. She is very thorough with Russian grammer for each new lesson.

Today the talk was about the Superbowl in the breakroom. Iris was the one and only woman who stayed up and watched the game. Go Iris! For the guys it was Mike and Robert. The game started here at 2AM. Robert made a copy for those who want to see it at a more decent hour!

I was glad to hear that there were no Wardrobe Malfunctions this year! One classmate made a comment about Janet... as in Jackson. But, all Janet heard was her name so she threw something at him. I am sure it hurt cuz Janet is a very strong and athletic woman!

O, my goodness, I don't know how I could forget to tell this story... yesterday as we were walking over to Lena and Alexei's house we saw a trolleybus stop at the corner, a bag came flying out and then a dog stepped off. I guess he must have misbehaved on the bus!

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