Saturday, February 18, 2006

Walking to Work

As we walked to work yesterday Nathan started teasing Lena. She and Spencer took off running and they waited for us behind the corner of a building. I told Nathan that I thought they were making snowballs. Yep! As soon as I came around the corner they let them fly. I ducked and they got me on the shoulder and Nathan was glad that I went first. Later after our short tramvai ride we were walking again and Spencer was teasing Nathan so I pulled him away and put him up near Lena. She grabbed him and shoved him in to a big hill of snow near the sidewalk. He came up laughing. Then Nathan was able to get Lena and Spencer in the snow. Spencer and Lena ended up with "white" jackets. I am glad that Lena grew up with 5 brothers and that she knows how to get in there and scrap with the boys!

Everyone has finished their assessments now. Tom came home and said that he did well answering all of Tania's questions and he only had to asked her once to repeat something. The interview is completely in Russian. She will introduce herself to you and pretend that she doesn't speak English. You have to answer her questions and tell her about yourself and your life here in Russia. She wants to know what level of comprehension and communication you are at. We each had our little flubs but that doesn't matter. I can tell on myself and say that when I was given the chance to ask her a question I was trying to ask if her mother had a country home. I added one letter to the beginning of the word so instead of saying country home (dacha) I said 'zdacha' which is change. I asked her if her mother had change! Oh well, she just smiled and answered my question.

Olya's mother had a birthday yesterday and Olya's present was to tell her mother that she was expecting another baby! We found out a full month ago but were not allowed to say anything until after the birthday! Olya is doing very well and is still going to work for us through the pregnancy.

Sveta, Valentin's wife, is also expecting. She has had a hard time with morning sickness and was hospitalised many times because she was not eating.

We have another wedding coming up next weekend and I will take pictures for them. We are excited for Natasha. She is the woman who translates for Tom when he speaks. Our family has been asked to come up with some skits to perform at the reception... I don't know if Krasnodar is ready for this!

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