Thursday, March 02, 2006

Assessment Results

The rest of us finally have our assessements back. Tom is Novice High, and Spencer, Nathan and I are all Intermediate Low. It is typical for women and children to learn faster than the men. Which is why the kids and I are all at the same place. For listening skills Tom, Spencer and I are Intermediate Low and Nathan is Intermediate Mid. Spencer and I seem to listen and speak at the same level while Tom and Nathan both understand more than they can respond to.

It is an interesting process to have your language skills evaluated. No one ever assessed our English skills. Some of us speak faster or more clearly than others. Some American students have accents from the south and some don't. And then we have students from Canada and Germany and they have accents too. We are all trying to speak without our native accents and our poor teachers have to sort it all out!

All of our handwriting still looks foreign. After years writing of in English it is not easy to make one's handwriting look less foreign. Some of us need to learn to write in cursive on a regular basis. It is so much easier to print. However, it is easier for Russians to read cursive.

We don't have to do this again until next year. When we reach lesson 75 or so. We just started lesson 35 today.

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