Thursday, March 30, 2006

Women's Conference Part Two

Yesterday Lena Beliah (Lena White) called me on my cell to ask if Tom and I would be home at two. I told her yes and to come on over. She is helping with the Women's Conference and wanted to be able to sell some of Toms' jewelry to the ladies who are coming. She said she was thinking about ways to help us! She took some crosses, pendants that would be considered christian symbols (like doves, crosses and such) and she took several necklaces. We set her up with three black velvet necklace stands and showed her how to pin the pendants on them.

Lena was one of Tom's best customers before New Year's. She would take orders and came over about twice a week to make purchases and see what new things Tom had done.

How wonderful it is to have Russian friends!

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