Sunday, March 26, 2006

daylight savings time

We thought we were going to be on time for church.

We were an hour late!

Lena and Alexei had just walked in and sat down about 5 minutes before us. Then Olya and Vova showed up... and then one of our teachers from school, Nellie, about 20 minutes later. It seemed as if today was the fastest church service we have ever had!

Tom had a lesson with Lena today. He is being moved into class with Spencer. So he has 11 lessons to catch up on! I will be moving into Nathan's class. And right now they are one lesson ahead of where Spencer and I are. I have already started working on it. Our class will get that lesson on Monday and we should be caught up by the time the change takes place.

So the new classes start the first week of April.
Tom and Spencer together.
Alida and Nathan together.

Thanks Dad for the special treat. We had a family meeting and we watched your video. The boys realised how much they missed you when they heard you singing!

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