Sunday, March 19, 2006


Spencer and I went with Vova, Lena and Nastia to visit Befania Church today. It was a three hour service but we probably sang for half of that time! I really enjoyed it and thought it went by fast. Spencer is resting he thought it was a very long service.

Tom went to our church KBC. He sent me a text message that Valodya spoke in Russian, using a German map and was speaking about Italy. Tom said he had jet-lag when the service ended!

Nathan has a slight cold so he stayed home today.

As we were coming home in the car Lena told me that Slavic had to go to Ukraine to help out their mother. He had to kill the cow and then sell the meat. The cow had just given birth a few weeks ago and she had been sick ever since the birth. So they decided to put her out of her misery and then make some money.

It seems funny to know someone who had to leave the country to go kill a cow!

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