Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Women's Conference

Lena has invited me to a Women's Conference. Even though we both know that I won't understand everything she thinks the fellowship with Russian speakers and getting to know other believers in the city will be good for me.

I think networking is always good. I will get to meet Russian women who are leaders here in the city. It will be helpful with getting recovery support groups going if the women from various groups already know me.

I was at the meeting for the BLTC last night. I understood more than last month!

Zhenya had us do an icebreaker where she passed around a bag of M&M's and told us to take as much as we wanted. The bag went around twice. After we had taken our M&M's then we had to ask the person on our left questions for each M&M we took. I had 11! I was able to ask (in Russian) only seven questions... my person was Oksana. I found out her name, where she was born, how long she has lived in Krasnodar, where she went to school, her favorite food, her favorite tv show, how old she is and that she comes from a small family. And then I had to tell what was interesting about her to the group. Thankfully, I survived the ice-breaker.

Tom is diligently working to catch up to where his new class is. He is doing great. Right now he and Lena are in the living room working.

Spencer and Nathan are playing a video game. And for once they are playing nice!

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