Sunday, March 05, 2006

What did he say?

Today at church Maj-lis had her family with her. She was translating the service for them from Russian into Swedish. Nathan got up to give his testimony and had Natasha translate for him from English into Russian and at the same time you could hear Maj-lis translating it into Swedish! For awhile there it was hard to know what to listen to.

Nathan did a great job getting up and speaking at the church. He was nervous but he did it anyway. Klaus and Valodya told Tom and I how proud they were of Nathan. Klaus was the first one up to give Nathan a hug after he spoke. He wanted to do it while he was talking but he waited until Nathan was done. Klaus has been very impressed with how well Nathan can read and speak Russian. We are proud of him too... It feels different to hear Nathan or Spencer speak or pray in public. I am used to hearing Tom. But, when one of the boys does it I start to cry with joy. It is overwhelming.

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