Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First Time as a Translater

Last night I introduced Olya to the new students. Donna needed a language helper and Olya wanted the job. So I got them together. I did well until I started to get tired. We talked for an hour and half. Towards the end I was speaking to Donna in Russian and Olya in English! We all laughed each time I did that. Olya did a good job correcting my grammer but she understood everything I was translating for her. I am glad they hit it off!

I just got home from Olya's. First I got a phone call from Sveta. She is 22 weeks pregnant and tired of sitting at home. She wanted to come over to visit but she forgot where I lived. So she asked for someone to come and meet her at the supermarket. Nathan went down to get her and she visited with me for a while. She was so happy that I can understand her better and she said that my Russian was very clear. She asked me about how Olya was doing. Olya is also pregnant she is around 18 weeks. So they are a month apart. I asked her if she wanted to visit with Olya and she did. I called and let Olya know we were coming. When we got there Lena was there too. Sveta was so excited. She got to see three girlfriends in one day! Her husband works long hours so she is alone a lot. she and Olya made a date to go over to the mall and price baby items. Once I get a list of what they need I will post it.

While I was at Olya's I was asked to translate an English email she had received. I was excited that she asked me. She understood A LOT of it already. It was a very long email longer than this post! I only had to translate three sentences that had some medical terms she didn't quite understand. Wow! I was very impressed with her reading in English.

On Friday we will be making a quick trip to Ukraine. Every six months we are required to leave Russia. It is a new law. So we will have Vovo drive us to the border cross over on the Black Sea on the ferry get our passports stamped and come right back!

Pray for us since Vovo wants to leave at SEVEN AM! and anyone who knows us knows that only Spencer loves that time of day!

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