Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pancake Day

Pancake Day is a part of Shrovetide. I remember in Liberal, Kansas they had pancake races during this time. click here to read about Pancake Day.

Did you know?

The eve of Lent is also known as the butter festival or maslenitsa. During this time Orthodox Russians eat pancakes. Some people celebrate the occasion by breaking holes in frozen lakes and rivers and swimming in icy water.

Today we had a chance to eat pancakes and drink vodka... Bill and Judi thought that the vodka smelled like rubbing alcohol. I thought it was interesting that the vodka had a smell. I thought vodka was odorless and that's why alcoholics like it. We were given a shot of vodka each. I noticed that at the bar there were sodas and water and other things to drink. The vodka was cheaper than the water! Now we know why it is so popular. The kids were not allowed the vodka and Spencer chose not to although at 15 he is old enough (here in Russia). Click here to read about Russian Celebrations of Shrovetide.

We watched a concert that told the story of Shrovetide/maslenetsia through songs and dancing. I sent a text message to Nathan about the dancing bear and a response back came from Tom. It said "too much vodka!" I didn't know if he meant me or the bear!

The costumes were traditional Cossack clothing. The men in red suits with black sheep skin hats on and the girls were wearing dresses and had their hair pulled back in scarves. Both Spencer and I forgot our cameras so I don't have any pictures to show.

We met Maj-Lis's family. They are here from Sweden. They don't speak much English and they don't speak Russian. We just smiled at each other alot!

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