Saturday, March 11, 2006

Valera & Ludmilla

Last night Tom's friend Valera came over with his wife Ludmilla. We had a nice visit. They stayed just over an hour. they came over to chat and have tea. Valera spoke a lot in English and his wife only spoke Russian but she understands English. Their youngest daughter can speak Russian, English, Greek and French. Their grandaughter who is four years old is learning English.

It was very interesting to spend time with them. Many people we have met here find it important to tell us the history of the country. Valera and his wife did the same. It must be a part of the culture here to never forget one's history.

I told Valera that Spencer and I went to the Maslenitsa concert and had bliny and vodka. He told me that the bliny represents the sun of spring. I asked what the vodka represented and that was when we got a history lesson on how the soldiers of different wars were paid in Vodka. Vodka is ingrained in the culture and was developed by a Russian chemist. Who, by the way, Valera believes was an alcoholic!

They were very curious about why our children are studying Russian. And overwhelmed by how many books we have! If they only knew that we gave away or sold more than half of what we owned in California.

Valera is interested in visiting our church. He finds religion very fascinating and had never heard of our church "The Open Door". He knows about the Orthodox and the Baptists here. But, had never heard of the church we attend. Tom will invite them to come to church the next time he speaks. Valera will enjoy that because he can listen to Tom in English and in Russian.

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