Tuesday, March 07, 2006

day off

Tomorrow is Women's Day so we have the day off from school. We are grateful for the break.

Many of the students have been sick and some are still dealing with bronchitis or pnuemonia. This weather has been hard on many people with allergies sometimes it is hard to tell if you have allergies acting up or if you are catching a cold.

Joyce B. is back from her trip to Malta. She tried to come back sooner but she got deported in Moscow at the airport! Joyce had all of her paperwork filled out but didn't take it over to the Embassy for processing. She went straight to the airport and flew from Malta to Moscow. She had to return to Malta right away. Joyce has such a great sense of humor and can make just about anyone laugh. She kept us in stitches telling us about her adventure during the break. We heard about a snail in her salad, the trolleybus strike, and how much the taxis cost since they were taking advantage of the bus drivers on strike!

Now we know how to get a vacation. Just don't get your paperwork processed!

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