Monday, March 27, 2006

Daylight Savings Time part two

Here in Russia we changed our clocks this weekend. In America you will not change your clocks until April 2nd. Don't worry if you thought you missed it... you still have time to get ready.

Some students were taking bets on who would be late for school. And of course those who were not able to make it to church yesterday were late for school today! One family who had their computer set on Russian time thought that something was wrong with their computer!

We had a new teacher observing in two of the classes today. She will be starting in April. Her name is also Tania. So there are two Tania's and one Tonia. Got it?

I am going to a meeting for the BLTC women today. I came home and watched a few episodes that Joyce loaned us of Law and Order. I think I am ready now for a two hour meeting in Russian.

Nathan is in his room. Spencer is reading his comics and Tom is napping. Just a typical Monday here in our house.

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