Friday, March 10, 2006

The Fight between winter and Spring

On Monday our teacher told us that for the month of March winter and spring will be fighting to see who is going to win! Yesterday after several days of nice sunny weather we had SNOW! It definitely felt like winter won yesterday's battle.

We have a thin layer of snow on the ground and it is windy out there. So it feels a bit nippy. I think most of us will stay inside today.

Later this evening one of Tom's friends from AA is stopping by. He can speak some English and since we can speak some Russian it should be a good visit. Unless his wife comes over I will most likely just serve them tea and let them talk. Valera is a well respected man here in the AA community. He has 13 years of sobriety. Last night when Tom and Valera set up a time for him to come over they agreed on 18:30. After Valera hung up he called back within just a few minutes. When he had gotten off the phone his daughter told him that in America they don't talk that way about time! He wanted to make sure that Tom understood that he was coming over at 6:30 PM. Fortunately we go to a Russian School and Tom understood perfectly what time Valera meant!

Nathan has a young peoples group meeting tonight. The group that Nathan goes to is mostly college age. At 18 he is the youngest member of the group. There is talk at church about starting a group for the younger teens like Spencer and Tobias. There really isn't much for them right now. The childrens program does not fit them and the group Nathan is in is too old for them.

Spencer is looking forward to a group that he can get involved with!

At my last meeting with the BLTC women we talked about the curriculum we are developing for the incoming female students. We have planned a retreat for all the leaders in June. It has been great getting to know these women and it certainly stretches my vocabulary to sit in on meetings in Russian. I just hope that by June the fight between winter and spring will be over and we will be having summer!

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