Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Home Alone

Tom, Nathan and Spencer all went to school this morning. I needed the sleep I guess... noone woke me up. I went to bed with a bad headache last night so I think they were all being kind.

I was frustrated yesterday with trying to figure out Adobe Photoshop. Spencer says "let me try" so he has it all figured out now. I will have to have him show me how to use it when he gets home.

We got a package in the mail from Mom and Dad. I finally have the ingredients to make "The Walmart Cake".

Here is the recipe:
1 box Pineapple Supreme- Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake mix
1 can of Coconut Supreme Frosting- Duncan Hines Creamy Homestyle
mix cake mix according to package directions before baking mix can of frosting into batter. Bake in a bundt pan.

Looks simple so I think we will try it out later today!

We watched "Pink Panther" the other day. We already have it on video here! We had Mich come over and watch it with us yeserday. The funniest scene for all of us is the scene where he is working with an accent coach and he is trying to say "I want to buy a hamburger" with an American accent. It reminds us of sessions with our language helper. We have had to rewind it and watch it over because we enjoyed it so much.

The other movie we have enjoyed recently is "Everything is Illuminated".
There is only one native English speaker in the movie and the other characters are speaking Russian. It is translated in subtitles. We enjoyed it because the movie goes from America to Ukraine and we saw places that we have been. It was great to see the McDonald's in Ukraine that we actually ate at! There is a quick view of the Potomkin steps and the large train station too. Nathan likes the guy who plays the translater. If someone says something not so kind the translater says something Completely Different that is more polite! Too funny.

Tom went out with Olya last night to meet with the woman who owns one of the stores where his jewelry is being sold. She had sold six pieces so she took several more. Tom said that one of her workers was wearing a necklace he had made. He was excited to see that. He got paid for the pieces he sold and gave Olya her commission for helping him. She has all the business documentation needed for Tom to be in the stores here. She didn't want to accept her cut. She tried to give half of it back. Tom stuck it in her pocket. He doesn't usually take "no" for an answer!

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