Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ring Tones

We saw a young man on the bus today. He was impeccably dressed. Dress shirt, nice slacks, good looking coat. And then we hear his phone ring and it was Fifty Cents "Just a Lil Bit". Tom and I just looked at each other and tried not to laugh!

On the way home from there was a very drunk man who had fallen down while he was walking. Tom tried to help him up but they guy was too drunk to stand. Everyday we see drunk people. The alcohol problem seems huge somedays.

We met some of the new students today at school. They will start in a few weeks. We have more Californians now. Their names are Rob and Donna. They are from the San Francisco area. Now if the Texans try to take on the Californians at least we are gaining in numbers and I don't think they can lick us!

Right now we have spring like weather... sunny and a little windy. I got a copy of Melanie and Jody's newsletter and they are from the other side of Russia and they have three feet of snow! Oy!

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