Friday, September 22, 2006

blame the French!

Hard, rough, uneven sidewalks...

cause us to have to either buy new shoes or get them repaired. I have several pairs of shoes that need to have the heel repaired and Spencer needs to have the sole repaired on his tennis shoes. We started with one pair of my shoes.

When I showed up at the little kiosk (pictured here) to give the guy there my shoes, well, um, they were dirty on the soles from the last muddy day I wore them and lost the heel of one shoe. At first he was not going to accept them because they were dirty. I apologised and said I didn't realize that they were so dirty. He wrote out a claim ticket, I paid and then left.

At five o'clock I went back to pick up my shoes and he was there smiling! I thanked him for the shoes and he said "in French it is Au Revoir right?" choosing not to correct his thinking that I am from France (I get that a lot) I just smiled and told him he was correct and said "Au Revoir" in return and left. When I got home and told Tom what had just happened he said "that's great! Then he can think that the French have dirty shoes and not Americans!"

so there you go... blame the French!

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  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Blame the French! Ha! There's a reason we're friends... :)