Tuesday, September 12, 2006


We have several postcards addressed and today we need to go out and find a postoffice. Last year our trip to a Ukrainian post office was pleasant. Much nicer than our experiences in Russian post offices. This year the difference is that many of the official forms and offices around here have switched over from using Russian on all documents to using Ukrainian. Unfortunately, we cannot read Ukrainian.

As we listen to TV programs we are realizing that they are not using Russian words we have not learned yet. They are speaking in Ukrainian. We tried to watch a movie that was originally in English... you could hear it in the background. And then it was dubbed into Russian. And then it had subtitles in Ukrainian. We gave up because it was too confusing!

Yesterday, felt like such a somber day. Spencer and I went down to the conference room after everyone had cleared out and we figured out how to getthe big screen TV on CNN. We watched the memorial services that were held around the world. Then we tuned in to BBC to watch news.

Right now we are watching TV and we can see Oprah. Normally, this would excite me since this is a program I watched faithfully since it's inception. However, since it is dubbed into Ukrainian we cannot really enjoy it! Oprah speaking Ukrainian... I wonder what she thinks of someone else's voice coming out of her mouth!

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  1. Ahhh, watching American television programs in a different tongue. I remember it well while living in Kuwait for a year. Actually, I got a kick out of it. Sometimes though, I just wanted to watch something familiar in English...

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I so appreciate it. I am adding you to my bloglines right snappy!