Wednesday, September 13, 2006

People watching??

Going for a stroll on Kreshatik Boulevard is always an interesting experience. Languages from all over the world can be heard. English is spoken with many different accents and for us as English speakers that seems to be the language we hear the loudest. Are English speakers actually louder than speakers from other countries? It is hard to say. Americans seem to be the loudest to our ears. We can spot them in a crowd anywhere.

Yesterday Spencer and I decided to sit down on a park bench and rest. We got into watching the crowd as they milled by. People were eating icecream, smoking, laughing and talking. We sat down near three guys with monkeys on their shoulders. They were getting people to stop and have a photo taken with a monkey for a fee. One man seemed to be trying to pick up girls with his monkey. At one point we saw the monkey pat himself all over as if to look through his pockets and then pull a cigarette out of his diaper. Who would want a cigarette so bad that they would accept one from a monkey's diaper? Well this young lady did.

People watching.... interesting!

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