Sunday, September 10, 2006

Orange Revolution

We had a very busy day yesterday. We went out sightseeing again with Igor (sounds like eager). We saw St. Sofia's and St. Michael's churches. spencer and I have many pictures to post when we get home on Sunday. We also went to the site of the Orange Revolution. It was awesome and overwhelming to be in this square where this incredible stand against the injustice of a "stolen" election took place.

Igor told us he was there during those days. Last night at dinner we found out that everyone at the table had been there too. Lena, Igor (different man) and his wife Olya were also been there. They had no idea what the outcome might be at the time. They didn't know if tanks would come to send them all away or if they would be arrested. But, it was important to each of them to take part in this revolt. Many people around the world were praying for the people of Ukraine back in 2004. Tom and I were part of that group.

Tom has vivid memories of watching the news while we were still in America. He knew where we were yesterday when he saw the angel on top of the column. He remembered from the news reports that this was that same historic spot.

We never expected to ever be standing in that square. We will never forget yesterday and we will always be grateful to God for the places we have been allowed to travel to.

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