Friday, September 08, 2006

What do you have for sale?

Riding the subway is an adventure. Today there was a guy selling band-aids. Yesterday there was a man selling magazines. I have never ridden the subway in America but I am sure this must be a common sight. After all you have a captive audience and if it is a good deal why not?!

I didn't want to open my wallet in public otherwise I would have bought the band-aids... he was selling them for a great price... 1 greeven, which is basically 20 cents for a package of 20!

Last night we saw the graduation of the DTS students from YWAM. Discipleship Training School last 6 months. These young people had done the complete course and then they went out for practical in the field training. One group went to Moldova and the other group went to Armenia. I have never been a geography whiz so I didn't realize that Mount Ararat is in Armenia. Seeing people atop the sight of Noah's ark was awesome. And so was hearing the testimonies of the students. The did youth camps, went to an HIV clinic and to a nursing home.

The did skits for us and led worship. It was a great evening. It was fun to sit at the back of the room and yell out the English words the translator was searching for. He did great translating from English into Russian. But,when he had to go Russian into English it was much harder!

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