Thursday, September 14, 2006

Family Night

I found this photo on the internet... it is a path not far from the boat we are staying on.

Tom is speaking at tonight's family night service. So he is back on the boat preparing (taking a nap). Nathan, Spencer and I are venturing out to see a few more sights beofre we leave.

Last night we had dinner again with Sharon, Bayassa and his wife Miga. This time Jillian joined us as well. Bayassa and Miga cooked so we had Mongolian food. They made three types of little fried pies that had meat, veggies or just mashed potatos inside. Bayassa and Miga say that Mongolian Bar-b-que is an American thing. There is a new restaurant that opened up in their town that sells Mongolian Bar-b-que and it is run by an American.

Jillian asked what our favorite food was that we had been served by the students. I said it was difficult to answer that question because we have had such different meals. We have eaten, Mongolian, Korean, Ukrainian, Russian and American (one group fed us pizza). How do you compare and choose which is the best?

I can answer which dessert has been the best... vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit for topping. yummm! That was Sharon's contribution to our mongolian dinner!

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